Andrei Mincov is an internationally sought-after public speaker on topics related to intellectual property and entrepreneurship. Below is a list of his recent interviews and presentations:

Recent Interviews & Presentations:


Andrei Mincov – Founder of Trademark Factory, Interviewed for Idea Mensch

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming CEO: Andrei Mincov, CEO of Trademark Factory, Interviewed by Yitzi Weiner for Huffington Post

Trademarking Your Unique Branded System™, Interviewed by Lisa Sasevich at Monetize Your Mission™ event

Andrei Mincov of Trademark Factory, Interviewed by Francesca Anastasi for Succeed Against The Odds Show

The Unfrustrated Entrepreneur #12: Andrei Mincov of Trademark Factory, Interviewed by Richard Keller for The Frustrated Entrepreneur Podcast

Trademark To Protect Your Brand With Andrei Mincov, Interviewed by Brayden York for Risk It Podcast

Trademark Entrepreneur, Interviewed by Positive Phil for Positive Phil Show

'Infuriating': Designer shocked at similarity between his Chilliwack logo and new Vancouver mark, Interviewed by CBC News

Creating a Market Niche to Differentiate Your Business From Competitors, Interviewed by Johnell & Michael McCauley for Turn Knowledge To Profit


Andrei's Story: Trademark Factory, Interviewed by Andrew Henderson for Nomad Capitalist

Protect Yourself, Interviewed by Milena Cerin for The Soul Of Business and Life

Warning! Do You Make These 3 Common Branding Mistakes?, Presentation at eWomen Network in Vancouver, BC

Copyright: What Writers Should Know, Panel with George Opacic at Vancouver Public Library

How You Can Easily & Inexpensively Build a Massive Competitive Advantage—Even If What Your Business Does Is No Different From Your Competition, Webinar with Matt Astifan of Web Friendly

Be Legendary!, Commencement speech at Sprott Shaw College graduation

Why Build A Brand If You Don't Protect It, Digital. Conference

Build and Protect Your Brand with 5 Simple Branding Secrets, Presentation at Vancouver Business Network

The Secrets of Trademarking, Presentation at New Peaks' Global Mastermind

The Importance of Trademarking, Interviewed by Frank Mocerino for The Foundation podcast

Storytellers - on Intellectual Property and Trademark Factory, Interviewed by Martin Strong for Roundhouse Radio 98.3FM Vancouver

The Importance Of Trademarking Your Business, Interviewed by Tayo Rockson for As Told By Nomads podcast

Should You Trademark Your New Innovation?, Interviewed by Phil McKinney for Killer Innovations podcast

Why Would a Lawyer Forfeit His License to Start an Online Business?, Interviewed by Jon Nastor for Hack The Entrepreneur podcast

Intellectual Property and Trademarking, Guest lecture for Personal Empowerment Network at Capilano University

Trademarking and Why Every Business Should Invest in Long-Term Security, Interviewed by Yeukai Kajidori for World Outsourcing Solutions blog

Trademark Factory® protects intellectual property, Featured on HireTeamMate blog

Intellectual Property for coaches offering online courses, Guest lecture at Big Leap Bootcamp

How overcoming monumental challenges sets you up for success with Andrei Mincov, Interviewed by Jason Klop for the Step Into the Jungle podcast

Intellectual Property Strategy, Teaching at Vancouver YMCA Business Program

Testing and Trademarks, Interviewed by Jeff Steinmann for the How to Quit Working podcast

One Man's Entrepreneurial Journey Through Trademarks, Interviewed by Founder’s Guide

Patents: Necessary Legal Protection or Counterproductive Drag on Innovation, Presentation at Canadian Constitution Foundation’s conference, Law & Freedom

Entrepreneur on the Move, Interviewed by Raymond Aaron


Intellectual Property Secrets to Crush Your Competition, Presentation at Vancouver Business Network

Trademark Factory — If It's Worth Promoting, It's Worth Protecting, Interviewed by Hello Tesla

Protecting The Brand Through Trademarks, Teaching 300 entrepreneurs at New Peaks' Guerrilla Business School

Intellectual Property Strategy, Teaching at Vancouver YMCA Business Program

Trademarking, Interviewed by Junita Thakorlal for JoyTV

Trademarking, Interviewed by Robert Szmigiel for VancouverEntrepreneur.Ca

What Designers Should Know About Intellectual Property, Presentation at Interior Designers of Canada — IDIBC

Why You Should Trademark Your Brand Today, Interviewed by Sam Crowley for Every Day Is Saturday podcast - Part 2

Why You Should Trademark Your Brand Today, Interviewed by Sam Crowley for Every Day Is Saturday podcast - Part 1

Protecting The Brand Through Trademarks, Teaching 400 entrepreneurs at New Peaks’ Guerrilla Business School

Video & Copyrights, Presentation at BC Professional Videographers Association monthly meeting

Trademark Registration — Protecting Your Intellectual Property, Interviewed by James Martell for Affiliate Buzz podcast


How To Protect Your Intellectual Property And Build A Successful Business, Interviewed by Tyler Basu for Chatting With Champions podcast

7 Myths About Trademarks—DEBUNKED, Presentation at Vancouver Business Network

Intellectual Property in North America: Crushing Misconceptions, Presentation at XIV Intellectual Property Forum, Moscow, Russia

When, Why & How to Protect Your Brand, Presentation at Vancouver Rapid Time Business Network

Intellectual Property, Guest lecture at BCIT


Intellectual Property, Guest lecture at New York Institute of Technology

Developing & Protecting Online Brands, Presentation at Internet Masterminds Group

Intellectual Property, Guest lecture at Capilano University

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